Canine Preventive Care Plans

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Care Plans

Preventive care plans, or wellness plans, are comprehensive packages that allow you to provide the very best in preventive health care, budgeted into affordable monthly payments.  These plans provide more thorough care for your pet, and increased savings for you the owner.

We all know that pets need annual vaccinations and parasite screening but doing annual blood work and bi-annual exams can detect diseases earlier.  Our pets can’t always tell us that something is wrong.  Early detection of diseases and early intervention result in a better likelihood of a successful outcome.  Moreover, as an owner, you aren’t left wondering what you should do for your pet and when. 

Puppy and kitten plans include all the core vaccines your pet needs.  Adults plans include the core vaccinations and additionally, the necessary blood work.  Geriatric plans add blood pressure screening and x-rays to the essential vaccinations and blood work.

Each plan additionally includes free exams and nail trims as a bonus.  The free exams allow you to bring your pet in as soon as you suspect there is a problem.  Getting to the vet earlier means diagnosing and treating the illness earlier.  Both can be potential life-savers.

Additional services can be added as well.  Additional services include dental cleanings, spay/neuter, microchipping and some of the heartworm & flea preventives.

Puppy Preventive Care Plan

Feline Preventive Care Plans

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